About the Club

Wayzata Wine Club Charter

  • This is a social group with an interest in learning more about wine in a relaxed, fun environment.
  • The club is open to all who have an appreciation for wine or want to learn.
  • The club is independent of any wine shops or other sponsors
  • The club is affiliated with the American Wine Society

Initially planned for the second Wednesday of the month.  Normally we will meet in the Spring Park penthouse but the location may change to a member’s house who might want to host the group or perhaps a restaurant or other venue upon occasion.  This will depend upon what the group wants.

A typical wine club meeting will feature a set of wines  – probably 5 to 8 types and will involve some education and tasting of the wines.  Light food will be provided such as bread, cheese, fruit and a cold cut tray – we can get more elaborate as the group desires.


  • Anyone (over 21!) can be a member.  You do not need to live in Wayzata!
  • Membership is encouraged and will be $125 per person annually – this includes the membership to American Wine Society that has a series of its’ own events and provides the club with a $1 million liability umbrella.  The membership fee will help cover glasses, buckets, banking fees, marketing production costs and help to build a reserve for special events.
  • Non-members can attend up to two meetings with a cost of $10 per meeting assessed on top of the shared meeting cost.  If a non-member joins they will be rebated their surcharge as a credit against their annual membership.

We will typically add up the costs of the event and divide by the number of attendees and collect the money from those attending.  The focus of the club will be on a variety of drinkable wines typically in the $10 to $30 range per bottle, however, more expensive wines can be purchased if the group wants to go in that direction.

American Wine Society
The Club is a non-profit 501c and is affiliated with the American Wine Society http://www.americanwinesociety.org/

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