What is the Wayzata Wine Club?
We are a private non-profit chapter affiliated with the American Wine Society (AWS), the oldest and largest consumer organization in the United States dedicated to promoting wine appreciation. We are also the first AWS chapter in Minnesota.

Do I have to live in Wayzata to be a member?
No, you do not have to live in Wayzata. In fact, several of our members reside in other cities across the Twin Cities metro.

Do I have to be a wine connoisseur to join?
Not at all. Our chapter is comprised of friends and like-minded individuals who enjoy getting together to learn about wine in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. We welcome everyone from foodies to wine lovers to amateur and professional winemakers.

How much does it cost?
Annual membership dues are $125 for individuals and $200 for couples. These costs include membership in the American Wine Society, liability insurance, legal work, communication, space deposits & fees, bank fees, glassware, pitchers, buckets, serveware, and a small reserve for special events.

What are the benefits of the American Wine Society?
AWS is a national organization of over 5,000 wine enthusiasts with 125 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Your AWS membership card provides discounts to participating wineries and wine-related businesses, subscriptions to AMW Wine Journal magazine and AWS News e-newsletter and so much more! In addition, AWS members can attend the AWS National Conference, which is held every November in a different U.S. wine region. The 2014 AWS National Conference is being held Oct 30 – Nov 1 in Concord, North Carolina. For complete benefits of the AWS membership, visit www.AmericanWineSociety.org

How often and where does the Wayzata Wine Club meet?
Our regular monthly meetings are scheduled in Spring Lake Park on the second Wednesday of the month. Check our website for updates. We will also post other special club events such as private hostings, restaurant night, or excursions to wine country.

Are there additional costs per meetings?
During regular monthly meetings, we total all wine and food expenses and divide the costs
equally among the attendees. Typical monthly costs are $10-$30 per person, depending on the number of attendees and wine and food options. If the wine selection causes the per-
person price to exceed $30, we will note this in advance on the website.

Are members required to attend every meeting?
No, you do not need to attend monthly meetings. However, to fully enjoy the total wine experience and all that the club has to offer, we encourage monthly participation.

What is the average cost of the wines served?
Typically, the wines range from $10 – $30. Again, if we plan to serve higher-priced wines, we will notify club members well in advance.

May I bring a guest?
Yes, you may bring the same guest but only once. He/she will be required to pay $10 in addition to the per-person charge for that monthly event. Guests will be encouraged to join

Will I be able to purchase wine through the Wayzata Wine Club?
Yes and no. While we are not licensed to sell wine, we plan to negotiate discounts to area wine merchants. From time to time, we may also invite wine vintners or purveyors to speak at our monthly meetings. These merchants may also offer club discounts. Since the Wayzata Wine Club is a non-profit organization and unaffiliated with any wine/liquor store, you are never obligated to purchase anything.

Do I have to purchase wine through the club?
No, as a totally independent private club that is a non-profit, there is never any pressure to purchase wine. You decide where/when to purchase wine and whether you wish to take advantage of any available club discounts.

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